All candidates are required to follow the rules outlined in Ch. 8 (CAMPAIGN COMMUNICATIONS & DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS) of the Municipal Candidate's Guidebook from the Maine Ethics Commission.

Maine Department of Transportation rules regarding placement of political signs (updated April 2018)

Signs cannot be placed where they block traffic signs or otherwise present a safety hazard.   

Signs may also not be placed within 250’ of a polling place, that includes City Hall as the location for absentee voting.   The polling places in the City are:

  • Boys & Girls Club, Broadway
  • American Legion Hall, Broadway
  • South Portland Community Center, Nelson Rd
  • Redbank Community Center, Macarthur Circle 

Signs are not allowed to be placed on the lawns or structures of City or School buildings.   

Signs may be placed on private property with the landowner’s permission at any time.

If you notice a sign that appears to violate these rules, please do not remove the sign yourself.  Please call the City Clerk's office at (207) 767-7627 with the details and the City Clerk will investigate.  If a problem is found, the candidate will be contacted and asked to remove or move their sign.  If the sign is not moved or removed, the sign will be removed.