The South Portland Fire Department is a “combination” department, which means there are full time employees and call companies. 

Fulltime Firefighters are hired through a process that is overseen by the Civil Service Commission.  Prospective employees must take a written test, pass a physical agility test and then sit for an interview panel.  The commission then creates a ranked list from the scores and will send over a list of the top candidates to the Fire Chief when positions are available. 

For more information on the Civil Service process see the Civil Service Ordinance

Applications and information on current openings may be found on the Human Resources page here.

Applicants interested in becoming Call Firefighters may apply at any time.  Members must be 18 years of age, have no significant legal issues (driving record or criminal history), Diploma or GED, and drivers license.  Members should live close to their desired station as they will need to respond to the station for emergencies.  All call firefighters respond from home or work, there is no “per-diem” coverage in South Portland.

Application for: Call Company Membership

The department does allow applicant that are under 18 years of age to become student firefighters.  Due to their age and restrictions placed on them by the Maine Bureau of Labor Standards they are classified differently and have a different set of rules than regular firefighters.  The department only accepts a few students each year and runs a 2 week academy in the early summer.

Student Program Standard Operating Guide

Application for: Student Program