Energy & Climate


To reduce municipal greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 17% by 2017 through energy efficiency projects, conservation measures and renewable energy initiatives.


History & Commitment

In 2007, the City of South Portland signed onto the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, pledging to reduce its carbon footprint 17% by 2017. The City established a three phase approach to climate action, beginning with municipal operations. 

Guidance Documents:


Programs & Policies:

Building efficiency improvements

  • Transitioning to fewer and more efficient appliances, equipment and lighting
  • Installing efficient boilers and hot water heaters
  • Transitioning from oil to natural gas

          Complete list of energy upgrades included in the City's 2011 energy performance contract. 

Renewable Energy

  • Rooftop solar array on the Planning & Development Department 
  • Solar thermal hot waster at South Portland High School 
  • Solar array on the City’s closed landfill (in progress)

Greening our vehicle fleet

  • 4 new electric Nissan Leaf sedans have been added to the municipal fleet of vehicles.
    • Assessor’s Office
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Planning & Development
    • Transit


  • 5 electric vehicle charging stations have been installed to charge these vehicles, including a rapid charge station at the South Portland Community Center.



Green Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The City added a sustainability section to its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The "Green CIP" will function as a yearly list of priority municipal sustainability & energy efficiency projects.

In 2016, it funded:

  • Replacement of all City streetlights with LEDs
  • Leasing 2 new Nissan Leafs
  • Purchase of an energy use tracking system for network IT devices.