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For questions on the Thornton Heights project contact Brad Weeks at


Dear Property Owner/Resident,

The City of South Portland, Portland Water District, and Unitil will soon begin work on Phase II of the Thornton Heights Improvements project. This is an extensive project involving the construction of new sewers and storm drainage piping, water mains, gas mains and street re-construction in your neighborhood. 

We will be seeking Council approval on March 16th to award this contract to Shaw Brothers Construction who is expected to begin work on March 23, 2015 and continue through November 2015.  The City is working proactively with the contractor to minimize inconvenience to residents during construction.  The contractor’s working hours will typically be 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday, with limited exceptions.

Information regarding the project can be found on the City of South Portland’s web site.

This website will be updated as the project progresses to help keep you informed of progress and the schedule of upcoming work.  The City of South Portland has contracted the engineering firm of Sebago Technics, Inc. (STI) to provide a full time on site representative/inspector to oversee the construction.   

Questions or concerns related to the project can be directed to the following individuals:

Brad Weeks
Project Manager
City of South Portland
(207) 767-7675


Mike Kane
Resident Inspector
Sebago Technics, Inc.
(207) 329-4602