Boards & Committees

The City Clerk's office is accepting applications to serve on a City Board/Committee.  Residents are encouraged to fill out an application online or in person at the City Clerk's office located at City Hall during normal business hours. 

City Councilors may appoint from anywhere in the City as long as there is no more than a certain amount of representation from any one district.  Not sure which district you live in?  Open the street directory and look up your address to see.   Contact the City Clerk if you would like more information.

Current vacancies that need to be filled


Board of Assessment Review- Seven residents serve for three year terms, review disputed property tax assessments for possible abatement as granted to the board by statue.  All members of such board shall be selected upon the basis of their knowledge of the subject of taxation and property values and shall at the time of their appointment have been residents of the city for at least 3 years immediately preceding and shall continue as residents during their terms of office. If a member of such board shall cease to be a resident his office shall thereby become vacant.   Quasi-Judicial Board.

    Mayor Smith - Must be a resident of District 2 and be a resident of the City for at least 3 years
    Councilor  Fox - Must be a resident of District 5 and be a resident of the City for at least 3 years