Looking Ahead, and Behind, in Knightville

At the request of the City Council, the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (CPIC) is embarking on updating the land use policies for Knightville, the City's historic downtown, and developing recommendations in such other areas as historic preservation, workforce housing, neighborhood-serving business attraction, and climate change resiliency.
The CPIC meets the third Thursday of the month in the City Hall Council Chambers from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend.  The April 19 meeting has been rescheduled to May 10.
For more information, please contact Tex Haeuser, Planning Director, at chaeuser@southportland.org.

Please take our survey below (it will take about 10 minutes or less).   If you have trouble viewing the survey, please click here to open it in a new window. 

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Knightville Agendas and Minutes

File Name Date Added File Size
Agenda 6-21-18.pdf 6/21/2018 327.54 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 5-17-18.pdf 6/21/2018 413.37 KB
Agenda 5-17-18.pdf 5/17/2018 322.00 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 5-10-18.pdf 5/17/2018 405.50 KB
Agenda 5-10-18.pdf 5/8/2018 318.25 KB
Minutes 3-15-18.pdf 5/8/2018 151.15 KB
Agenda 3-15-18.pdf 3/15/2018 317.93 KB
Minutes 3-15-18.pdf 3/16/2018 151.25 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 02-15-18.pdf 3/15/2018 170.70 KB
Agenda 2-15-18.pdf 3/15/2018 377.69 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 10-19-17.pdf 3/15/2018 396.28 KB

Knightville Documents

File Name Date Added File Size
Knightville Gannt Chart 6-21-18--multi-page version.pdf 6/21/2018 45.14 KB
SurveyMonkey_6-20-18.pdf 6/21/2018 181.12 KB
Comments on the Draft Knightville Survey.pdf 6/21/2018 136.87 KB
Portland-ME_PanelReport_Flo.pdf 5/17/2018 4,341.03 KB
Implementing Form-based Zoning in Your Municipality_PDF_10-10-06.pdf 5/17/2018 1,759.54 KB
Form-Based Codes_Implementing Smart Growth_10-10-06.pdf 5/17/2018 4,056.83 KB
Discussion Notes 5-10-18.pdf 5/17/2018 123.71 KB
Ch2 Boards and Commissions Excerpts from Robert Foster.pdf 5/10/2018 1,614.96 KB
CPIC Composition and Quorum Suggestion from Robert Foster.pdf 5/10/2018 523.71 KB
Work Plan Memo.pdf 5/8/2018 153.01 KB
Knightville Gannt Chart 4-30-18--extended print version--with watermark.pdf 5/8/2018 567.33 KB
Knightville Gannt Chart 4-30-18.pdf 5/8/2018 591.10 KB
Knightville Notes.pdf 3/15/2018 372.49 KB
We Forbid What We Value Most.pdf 3/15/2018 9,638.53 KB
K-MC Neighborhood Master Plan 1-10-06.pdf 6/4/2018 351.97 KB
FINAL REPORT.pdf 3/16/2018 3,794.19 KB