Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) 


Ann Morril, resident *Chair
Cathy Chapman, resident
Bret LeBlue, resident
Fred Dillon, South Portland Stormwater Program Coordinator *Secretary 
Jesse O'Brien, practicing Agronomist
Mike Hughes, landscape professional
Justin Nichols, landscape professional (NOFA accredited)


The PMAC serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council and the Sustainability Coordinator to oversee this ordinance through the following:

  1. Advising the City Council and the Sustainability Coordinator of any problems encountered or amendments that may be required to achieve the full and successful implementation of this ordinance;
  2. Reviewing and acting upon waiver applications when applicable;
  3. In coordination with the Sustainability Coordinator, developing and implementing outreach and education as specified in this ordinance;
  4. Seeking the participation, advice and counsel of experts in the fields of organic turf and landscape management, maintenance of trees and shrubs, and organic pest protocol;
  5. Encouraging broad community participation, from parents, schools, advocates, and local arboriculture and landscaping businesses, in the activities of the PMAC;
  6. Reviewing annual data and issuing a summary report annually to the City Council;
  7. On or before May 1, 2019, and every three years thereafter, conducting an evaluation of this ordinance, including a review of pilot project results and reporting data, and providing recommendations to the City Council and the Sustainability Coordinator for any ordinance amendments it deems appropriate; and
  8. Additional responsibilities as may be deemed necessary by the City Council.

Agendas & Minutes: 

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1-9-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 2/14/2017 358.46 KB
2-6-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 9/11/2017 402.35 KB
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4-10-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 4/7/2017 460.01 KB
4-10-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 9/11/2017 699.53 KB
5-1-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 9/11/2017 523.42 KB
6-12-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 6/8/2017 586.33 KB
6-12-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 9/11/2017 529.41 KB
7-10-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 7/7/2017 583.97 KB
7-10-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 9/11/2017 540.24 KB
8-7-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 8/4/2017 629.19 KB
10-2-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 12/1/2017 529.38 KB
11-6-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 11/3/2017 602.70 KB
1-9-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 12/14/2017 460.12 KB
11-6-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 12/14/2017 529.76 KB
2-6-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 12/14/2017 458.74 KB
12-4-17 PMAC Meeting Agenda.pdf 12/1/2017 1,482.80 KB
9-11-17 PMAC Meeting Minutes.pdf 12/14/2017 545.26 KB