Rent Stabilization Ordinance (Pt. 4)

  • The Council engaged in their fourth workshop discussion on a rent stabilization ordinance (the three previous workshops were on June 14, 2022, July 12, 2022, and September 27, 2022).
  • The draft ordinance was supported by 4 of the 7 councilors, with the following changes: will apply to 15+ units (was 10+); annual rent adjustment capped at 10% (was 7% + CPI-U), and allows a market adjustment of rent after housing unit is completely vacated.
  • A first reading of this ordinance will be added to a February meeting, date TBD.

Workshop Schedule

  • 2023 workshop schedule was discussed. The Mayor and City Manager will work together to schedule the following agenda items (no workshop needed): Renaming Ruterbories Property; Ch. 2 Amendments to Allow a Youth Representative on the Public Arts Committee; Ch. 2 Amendments to Change the Membership of the Bike-Ped Committee.

To get information about any of these items, visit the Boarddocs agenda on our website at:

The video of this Council Workshop will be available at: