City Clerk's Office

The office of Municipal Clerk is the oldest public office in local government. Mandated by Charter, the City Clerk is appointed by and serves at the discretion of the City Council. The City Clerk's office is responsible for keeping and providing copies of all city records and issuing licenses and permits and organizing elections. The staff also posts all material provided to the City Council for meetings and workshops on the city website. The City Clerk's office is often referred to as the "historian" of the City.


How We Can Help You:

The City Clerk’s office provides:

New residents are invited to call or stop in the Clerk’s Office to obtain street maps of the city and the Greenbelt Walkway, the latest South Portland Parks and Recreation Guide, Transfer Station fees and schedule, Bus Schedules, a copy of the Resident's Guide to City Services, and other useful information.

The City Clerk's office accepts cash, checks and credit and debit cards.  A convenience fee of 2.6% will be assessed when a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit card is used, and a 1.5% fee is assessed when paying with any debit card. These fees are assessed and collected by our service provider. A 3% fee will be charged per business credit card.

Looking to pay taxes or register a vehicle? 

The South Portland City Clerk's Office does not handle tax payments or auto/boat registration and excise payments. For Tax Payments/Vehicle Registration, please visit the Treasury Office


Contact Us

City Hall
25 Cottage Road
South Portland, ME 04106 

Phone number: (207) 767-3201
Fax number: (207) 767-7620

Emily Scully, CMC, CCM, City Clerk
Alice Kelley, CCM, Deputy City Clerk
Karen Morrill, Licensing Administrator
Tina Weden, CCM, Assistant City Clerk
Heidi Stetson, Assistant City Clerk

Office Hours

Monday: 7:30am-5:00pm 
Tuesday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday: 7:30am-5:00pm
Thursday: 7:30am-5:00pm
Friday: Closed

If you are requesting a marriage license, please note the hours above.  The State has recently changed the way Marriage Licenses are issued, and the new process takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.   Both parties must be present.   You can save some time by filling out and bringing with you the Marriage Intention Application found here

Boards & Committees

One way to serve your community is to volunteer to be on one of the boards or committees in the City. It is a wonderful opportunity to make contact with other civic-minded individuals and to be able to make a positive impact in the municipality. Click here to view the Boards and Committees and submit your application. To learn more about city boards and committees, please call the City Clerk at 767-7601.