Campaign signs are classified as "temporary signs". 

The City adopts the regulations set by the Maine Department of Transportation regarding the placement of temporary signs in the "public right of way" (ROW). Maine Department of Transportation  letter to candidates regarding placement of temporary signs. (Updated July 23, 2021)

Reference to State Temporary Sign Law:

The placement of campaign signs is also governed under State Election Law:


A few general guidelines:

• Signs may be placed in the public ROW for a maximum of 12 weeks in a calendar year (6 weeks from January 1st to June 30th and another 6 weeks between July 1st and December 31st).
• The same sign may not be placed closer than 30’ from one another.
• Signs may not be placed within 250’ feet of polling places on Election Day, including City Hall while absentee voting is ongoing (30 days before Election Day).
• Signs may not be placed in public rights of way of less than 6’ wide (such as small medians).
• Signs may not be placed in roundabouts or rotaries (including the roundabout in Knightville).
• Signs may not be placed on or obstruct the view of traffic signals or signs or traffic safety equipment or block paths or roads.  Signs may not be placed on telephone poles. 
• Signs placed in the public ROW may not exceed 4 feet by 8 feet in size.

• On private property, signs may be erected at any time with landowner’s permission. Signs placed outside the public ROW must not exceed 50 square feet in size. Signs placed without permission on private property may be removed by the landowner. 


All temporary signs must indicate the name and address of the individual, entity or organization that placed them, and the date the signs were placed.

Campaign signs must clearly and conspicuously state that the communication has been authorized and must clearly state the name of the person who made or financed the expenditure.
 There are few exceptions. 


Each year, the City Clerk receives several complaints about signs that are improperly placed or do not contain the required information. Please ensure your signs are properly marked with the required information – the name, address and date of posting can be done in a small sticker placed on the back of the sign, while it is typical to have the campaign authorization and finance information printed in smaller print on the bottom front of the sign. Signs placed in public right of way that violate the laws and/or do not contain the required information may be removed. Please make a plan to keep track of the signs you place, and be sure to collect them as soon as possible after the election – many times candidates choose to reuse their signs for future elections. Signs that are left up 6 weeks after their posted date will be removed.

It is a crime to vandalize or remove legally placed campaign signs.  Please report campaign signs that have been illegally removed, missing or vandalized to the Police Department. 

Temporary signs that are placed in the public right of way that are not campaign signs may be reported to Code Enforcement for follow up.