Campaign Finance Reporting

Maine Election Law requires municipal candidates in cities and towns with a population of 15,000 or more to disclose their campaign contributions and expenditures, to comply with contribution limitations and prohibitions, and to meet other requirements of the law.   In South Portland, every candidate must register with the Clerk before accepting any campaign contributions or making any campaign expenditures.  Please review the "2023 Municipal Candidates Guide" for more information.  Registration forms are included in your nomination packet, and must be returned with your nomination paperwork even if you choose to exempt from collecting or spending campaign finances. If you choose to accept or spend campaign funds, you must file reports with the Clerk's office.  These reports are filed with the City Clerk.  These reports are available for public inspection, but are not posted on the website.

An individual, political committee, party committee, corporation or association may not make contributions to a municipal candidate aggregating more than $575.


  • 11-Day Pre-Election Report Due:  October 27, 2023
  • 42-Day Post-Election Report Due: December 19, 2023

For more information and forms regarding campaign finance for municipal candidates, please visit the Maine Ethics Commission website here.


For State Candidate Campaign Finance Information, please see: