What District Do I Live In?

Citizens may review the City Street Directory to look up their City District and Legislative District.  In addition to the City Districts and the State Representative Districts, all of South Portland falls into Congressional District One, State Senate District 29 and Cumberland County District Four.  The City District number determines where you will go to vote on election day.  

  • City District One votes at the Boys and Girls Club
  • City District Two votes at the American Legion Hall
  • City Districts Three and Four vote at the Community Center
  • City District Five votes at the Redbank Community Center

City District Map
2014 City District Map

Legislative District Maps - Approved 9/29/21

Legislative District 122 (formerly 31)

Legislative District 121 (formerly 32)

Legislative District 120 (formerly 33)


I used to be in another district/vote at a different polling location.  What happened?

The effective date of statewide redistricting was June 14, 2013.  In January of 2014 the Secretary of State’s Office completed its work with mapping, building new street directories and implementing these changes in the Centralized Voter Registration application.  Per state law municipalities must also enact reapportionment within 12 months after the Legislature has reapportioned the House and Senate districts.

The 2010 Census estimated South Portland’s population to be 25,002.  With five City districts each section must have approximately 5,000 inhabitants.  The revised maps ensure that all City Councilors and School Board members have remained in their representative districts while proportioning approximately 5,000 voters per city district.

On March 3rd the City Council voted to amend the ordinance to accept the new division lines as outline on the 2014 City District Map.  All voters affected by the changed district lines received a postcard notification of the change in their polling location approximately six weeks before the June 2014 Primary Election.