Wardens and Ward Clerks are elected positions of the City that serve three year terms.  They must be residents of the district they represent and may not be an officer of a municipal committee of a political party.   The role and duties of Wardens and Ward Clerks are defined in State Law and in the City's Charter.  Wardens serve as the supervisor of the polling place on election day under the direction of the City Clerk.  Ward Clerks (or Deputy Wardens) assist the Warden and serve as the Warden in the absence of the Warden. These positions are paid ($15/hr). Wardens assist in scheduling election workers before each election, are in charge of maintaining order at the polling place on election day, and oversee election workers and the election process on election day. 

District Polling Place Warden & Ward Clerk      Term Expires                           
District 1                          Boys & Girls Club, 169 Broadway Sari Greene - Warden
Phil Gaven - Ward Clerk      
November 2025      
District 2 American Legion Hall, 413 Broadway Robert (Bob) Schwartz - Warden
VACANT - Ward Clerk
November 2025
District 3 South Portland Community Center, 21 Nelson Rd VACANT - Warden
Stacy Alvarez - Ward Clerk 
November 2025
District 4 South Portland Community Center, 21 Nelson Rd

Jonathan Hartford - Warden          Jean Sideris - Ward Clerk

November 2025
District 5 Redbank Community Center, MacArthur Circle W Woody Leland - Warden
Henry Saniuk - Ward Clerk
November 2025



Election Workers are needed each election to work at the polls, distribute ballots, check in incoming voters, tally election results, assist voters, and help the Warden and Ward Clerk maintain general order in the polling place.  Depending on the election, election workers may also help process absentee ballots. These are paid positions ($12.75/hr) and workers receive full training before each election.

Election Workers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Be at least 18 years of age (student election clerks may be 17 years of age and may perform all the functions of an election clerk) 
  • Be a Registered Voter in South Portland or Cumberland County

Per Maine State Election law, election workers can not be a candidate for office or a member of a candidate's immediate family. In addition, a person can not have a direct pecuniary interest in the result of a referendum question appearing on the ballot.

If you would like to serve as an Election Worker, please fill out an application here and return it to the City Clerk.  Election workers serve two year terms and are appointed by the City Council by May 1 of each even-numbered year. 


Deputy Registrars are appointed by the Registrar and are responsible for registering voters to vote on election day at the polling places.   This position requires attention to detail, the ability to work under pressure, and the ability to follow complex processes. These positions are paid ($12.75/hr) and receive full training before each election.  The Registrar of the City schedules the Deputy Registrars before each election.  If you are interested in serving as a Deputy Registrar for the City, please reach out to the Registrar/City Clerk





Thank you for your interest in serving our City!