Garage Sale Permits

Sec. 14-36.  Permit required for garage sales.

              No person shall conduct a garage sale or similar sale of in excess of three (3) items of personal property without first having obtained from the City Clerk a permit to conduct such sale.  The City Clerk may issue such permit, at a cost of five dollars ($5.00), to any person proposing to conduct such sale provided that such permit and any sale conducted thereunder shall not be lawful and valid for more than three (3) consecutive days.  Signs may be utilized to advertise such sale; provided, however, no such signs shall obstruct or intrude onto any public right-of-way, block the sight vision of any public right-of-way for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, be placed upon any public utility pole, or be placed upon the property of others without their prior consent.  Such signs may not be erected or allowed to remain either more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to or more than twenty-four (24) hours after such sale.

              The City Clerk may issue only two (2) garage sale permits for such sale, whether conducted indoors or out-of-doors, to any person or for a sale on any given lot within a consecutive six-month period.  Any sale of this type conducted more frequently than three (3) consecutive days for each six (6) consecutive month period, or any sale conducted without permit, shall be considered a use of land which must comply with the South Portland Zoning Ordinance and all licensing ordinances of the city including the licensing requirement for secondhand dealers within this chapter. (Ord. No. 19-76, 8-16-76; Ord. No. 11-83/84, 11-21-83; Ord. No. 19-88/89, 5/1/89)

To obtain a Garage Sale Permit, contact the City Clerk's office:  (207) 767-7601 or


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