Within the City there are employees assigned to assist the Emergency Management Director (Fire Chief) in the event of a large scale emergency. They are members of the Emergency Management Leadership Team (EMLT) who are responsible for staffing the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and implementing the City's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). All members of the EMLT are required  to have completed FEMA Incident Management Training.


 Staff Member

1. EOC Manager

 City Manager

2. Finance Section Chief

 Finance Director

3. Logistics Section Chief

 Assistant City Manager

4. Planning Section Chief

 City Safety Officer

5. Fire/EMS Section Chief

 Fire Chief

6. Police Section Chief

 Police Chief

7. Public Works Section Chief

 Public Works Director

8. School Department Section Chief

 School Superintendent

9. Shelter Section Chief

 Parks and Recreation Director

10. Transportation Section Chief

 Transportation Director

11. Communications/IT Section Chief

 IT Director

12. Public Information Officer

 Public Information Officer

13. Public Health Officer

 Local Health Officer

14. Safety Officer (if needed)

 City Safety Officer