Resource Information  

Click here for the Community Resource Directory (updated January 2020)  

These programs/resources may be able to assist you in paying your bills & offer solutions to current concerns.   If you are behind in your utility payments, it is important to first try to make payment arrangements with your utility provider. Keep in mind that all of the programs/resources listed here have eligibility requirements, which means that you may not qualify for every program. In addition, most of these programs/resources are designed to meet emergency needs, not to pay your bills on a regular basis.

To supplement the following information relative to food, clothing or help finding a job, dial 2-1-1 or visit  Or if you are unable to dial 211 on your phone for any reason you may call 1-877-463-6207.

You may also want to consider programs that offer home repairs and upgrades to help you use less energy and reduce your monthly bill. Visit for other valuable energy assistance information for resources. The site provides you with some basic energy conservation and safety tips and contains links to many other energy sites. For a variety of statewide services, please visit:

The South Portland General Assistance program may be able to help with basic needs: Rent, Utilities, Food & Medical Care.