Rental Rates

Directions on how to request space online

  1. Log in - Log onto your account with South Portland Parks & Recreation at If you do not have one, you must create one prior to requesting space.
  2. Online Requests - Once in your account, go to the “Facilities” tab, then to “Facility List” and choose the Facility in which you would like to request space. Click on that Facility and choose “Request this Facility”. Complete the online form and review the facility’s policies and rules.
  3.  Confirmation - The Facility Manager will then follow up with you to confirm or deny the request.

Policies, Rules & Rates are located at under the "Facilities" tab.  

Paper Applications:

Facility Use Questions

Community Centers (SPCC & Redbank)
Anthony Johnson, Recreation Operations Manager
207-767-7650 ext. 7512 

Outdoor Athletic Fields (includes Wainwright Complex)
Rick Perruzzi, Recreation Manager
207-767-7650 ext. 7558 

Parks (includes requests for weddings)
Kristina Ertzner, Conservation Manager