The City of South Portland made changes in 2020 to traffic signals at Broadway and Evans and Lincoln Streets. On November 14, 2022, the City of South Portland held a public forum to discuss the history of these signalized intersections, explain why the changes were made, share data about the impacts of the changes, and hear from the public.

Watch the full video of the forum below, or find your question in the Frequently Asked Questions and jump to that spot in the video. Scroll down to see a list of actions the City is taking as a result of feedback from participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history and timeline of the project? (1:14)

What were the pre-existing conditions at the intersections that led to the changes? (3:08)

Why was the Broadway at Lincoln Street intersection determined to be a High Crash Location? (5:45)

It seems like the light is red for a long time when a pedestrian or bicyclist crosses the street at Broadway and Evans Street, where the Greenbelt crosses. Why is this? (7:35)

What was considered in the design of the project, and how did the project evolve? (9:15)

What alternatives were considered to the design that was chosen? (12:02)

What are the pre- and post-conditions on Broadway Westbound at Lincoln St? (12:43)

What are the pre- and post-conditions on Broadway Eastbound? (14:24)

What are the safety impacts of the changes to the intersections? (15:20)

What are the average delays per vehicle at the intersections before and after the changes? (17:20)

How does the new vehicle detection equipment at the intersections help with monitoring and adjusting timing at the intersections? (20:55)

It looks like Evans Street traffic is moving quickly. What changes were made to the timing on the signal at Evans Street, and why? (22:00)

How does the new technology that’s been installed help the City monitor and control the flow of traffic? (23:15)

Live Q&A (24:33)


Actions the City is Taking as a Result of the Forum
(Updated 12/13/2022)

  • In response to observations that eastbound traffic on BroadwayBroadway intersection sometimes queues up as far back as Cash Corner, Sebago Technics will review timing to see if it is possible to reduce eastbound queue. They’ll also explore additional opportunity to coordinate timing when new connected signals come online at Cash Corner.

  • In response to an observation from Pleasant Ave. residents of increased truck and vehicle traffic traveling through the neighborhood to bypass congestion on Broadway (often at high speed), the City’s Engineering Division Manager and Public Works Director will collaborate with the Police Department to discuss options for traffic calming in the neighborhood. Increased police presence and radar trailer have been proposed as initial steps.

  • In response to an observation that vehicles traveling westbound on Broadway utilize the right-hand turning lane between Evans St. and Lincoln. St. to bypass queued vehicles, then cut into the through lane just before the signal, Sebago Technics will assess additional signage and/or pavement markings to improve wayfinding. UPDATE 12/13/22: The City is planning additional signage and line striping on Broadway at Lincoln to help address this problem. Line striping and installation of signage of will occur once weather permits.

  • In response to feedback that the green arrow on Lincoln Street Extension is not long enough in duration for even a single tractor trailer to get through before the light turns red, Sebago Technics will assess if it is possible for increase the green light without exacerbating delays on Broadway. Sebago will also assess detection options to facilitate an increase in green light time for tractor trailers only.


For more information about these signalized intersections, Contact Melissa Hutchins, Director of Public Works, at: mhutchins@southportland.org