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Welcome! South Portland Community Television (SPC-TV / Spectrum Cable Channel 2 & 1301) and South Portland Public Access Television (SPPA-TV / Spectrum Cable Channel 3 & 1302) are South Portland's local access cable TV channels. Both channels are headquartered at City Hall (25 Cottage Road).

SPC-TV content can be viewed on local cable access channels and online at:

Live feeds of City Council meetings can be viewed online at: 

Accessing City Meetings:

Most City Council meetings are held in person only, unless otherwise noted. To comment during a City Council meeting, members of the public must attend the meeting in person at City Hall Council Chambers. Members of the public may also watch City Council meetings live on Channel 2 or 3 or stream the meeting online. They may also watch a recording following the meeting here.

Some City meetings are hybrid meetings, meaning there is an option to attend via Zoom. When you participate, members on the screen cannot see you or hear you unless there is a designated time for public comment. To participate in a hybrid meeting via Zoom, please visit BoardDocs and click on the meeting you would like to attend to find the agenda and Zoom link.

All City Council and Board and Committee meetings are open to the public.


SPC-TV - Spectrum Cable Channels 2 & 1301
SPC-TV carries government and education-related programming. A cable subscription is required to view SPC-TV. You can find archived municipal meetings and events as well as the station's live web stream here

SPPA-TV - Spectrum Cable Channels 3 & 1302
SPPA-TV is South Portland's public access cable TV channel, with an ever-changing lineup of dynamic TV. Its mission is to provide city residents with the necessary training and equipment to produce television programming for cablecast. SPPA-TV accepts and cablecasts, free of charge, messages of community interest from nonprofit organizations*. A cable subscription is required to view SPPA-TV. Public access programs are not archived, but you can watch the channel's live web stream here.

Interested in producing a video? You can download useful forms from our forms page or contact us.

*This service is provided as a courtesy and as time permits. Management makes no guarantee that every announcement will be cablecast on SPC-TV or SPPA-TV.


Funding for Community Television is provided in part by the Franchise Fee, which is paid to the city by Spectrum Cable (Charter Corporation).  The Franchise Fee is a rental fee that the city assesses the Cable Company for its use of the public rights of way to conduct business. In this way, all South Portland cable subscribers are able to watch and participate in events that take place in their community through locally-produced television programs with no impact on the property tax rolls.

At SPPA-TV, qualified South Portland residents can find assistance with training and editing of their own video projects for cablecast on the channel. Special attention is given to those projects that inform and educate the community about its history, culture and heritage. Residents wishing to be trained in the use of video equipment can call us at 767-7615 to schedule an appointment to discuss their projects.  Please feel free to contact us!

SPC-TV focuses on current municipal and quasi-municipal events as well as educational programming originating from the South Portland school system. SPC-TV's coverage of special events and cultural activities within the city includes: press conferences, panel discussions, festivals, major construction projects, dedications and other programs of civic interest.

SPC-TV is also responsible for monitoring the compliance of the Cable Television Franchise by Spectrum (Charter) and any service related complaints may be directed to SPC-TV.