What is Electrify Everything!?

What are the Current Rebates?

Do I Qualify for Electrify Everything!?

How is Electrification Related to Climate Change?

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 What is Electrify Everything!?

The City of South Portland is excited to launch Electrify Everything! starting September 01, 2022. In One Climate Future, we have a goal to run everything on clean renewable electricity. Electrify Everything! is a City of South Portland program that helps residents achieve this by providing rebates on electric vehicles, lawn equipment, e-bikes, heating & cooling systems, and home weatherization. Through Electrify Everything!, you can get up to $2,000 per household on top of Efficiency Maine and other rebates. This program is for South Portland residents with a household income up to 100% of Area Median Income (e.g. below $111,700 for a family of 4). 

We know the upfront costs of purchasing this equipment can be daunting, but they do not have to be barriers. Efficiency Maine offers a variety of home energy loans and Electrify Everything! aims to further alleviate upfront costs, creating an opportunity for more low and moderate income South Portlanders to make sustainable choices and start saving money. This is because electric equipment is far more efficient than fossil fuel-based equipment. For example, air-source heat pumps are over 100% more efficient than traditional combustion-based systems and also provide cooling. In addition, electric vehicles cost 50% less per mile to charge than filling up a gasoline-powered car, and require very little maintenance. By transitioning to more efficient electric technologies, you will save on your energy bills and transportation costs. With heating fuel and gasoline prices at record highs, this will amount to immediate and significant savings. 

Electrify Everything! will also help us reach our climate goals. In South Portland, 19% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from residential buildings, and 32% come from transportation. As it stands, traditional home heating systems and vehicles that burn petroleum products emit a number of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and ozone that contribute to both global climate change and localized air pollution. When paired with an electric grid that is increasingly run on renewables, electric home heating systems and vehicles will help make South Portland carbon free. Every South Portland resident that transitions away from fossil fuels will help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, capitulating us toward reaching our climate goals.

 What are the Current Rebates?

The table below outlines the current Electrify Everything! rebates qualified residents can get in addition to Efficiency Maine rebates. To receive these rebates, you must provide the City with proof of your Efficiency Maine rebate.


Electrify Everything! Rebate

Air Source Heat Pump 


Hot Water Heat Pump


Air Sealing with Energy Assessment



20% of project cost up to $2,000

New or Used Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)*^


New or Used Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle (PEHV)*^


*Opportunity for renters

^New or Used BEV or PEHV may be purchased in or out-of-state from reputable dealer


The table below outlines the additional Electrify Everything! rebates. To receive these rebates, you must provide the City with receipt proof of purchase. 


Electrify Everything! Rebate

Electric Bike (E-Bike)

$500 (as of April 1, 2023)

E-Cargo Bike

$800 (as of April 1, 2023)

Electric Lawn Mower

$300 (as of April 1, 2023)

Electric Leaf Blower


Electric String Trimmer*

$50 (as of April 1, 2023)

*Rebate Available After April 1, 2023

Please note the following restrictions on Electrify Everything! rebates:

  • The current maximum Electrify Everything! rebate total is $2,000 per household.

  • There is a limit of one (1) of each rebate per household. For e-bikes, there is a limit of two (2) total e-bikes and e-cargo bikes combined per household.

 Do I Qualify for Electrify Everything!?

Currently, Electrify Everything! provides rebates for South Portland residents with household income up to 100% of Area Median Income. Check the table below to see if you qualify.

Number in Household

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

6 Person

7 Person

8 Person

Low-to-Moderate Income (100% of AMI)

Below $78,200

Below $89,400

Below $100,600

Below $111,700

Below $120,650

Below $129,600

Below $138,500

Below $147,450


Don’t qualify for Electrify Everything? No worries! There are still ways for you to save money and electrify through Efficiency Maine rebates.

 How is Electrification Related to Climate Change (& Climate Action)?

In South Portland, 19% of our GHG emissions come from our residential buildings, and 32% come from our transportation sector. This program will advance us towards our One Climate Future goals to:

  1. Clean Up the Electricity Supply: Maine's electric grid is one of the cleanest in the country and continues getting cleaner each year. Maine has a law that requires 80% of our electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030 and 100% by 2050. 

  1. Decarbonize buildings through beneficial electrification: To take advantage of the clean energy on the grid, One Climate Future calls for the replacement of furnaces and appliances that burn natural gas or oil with electric appliances such as heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. 

  2. Promote energy efficiency: Insulating and weatherizing buildings reduces the amount of energy required to operate them and it also helps building occupants stay safe and comfortable no matter the conditions outside.

 Ready to Apply?

Follow these easy steps to maximize your savings and start electrifying:

  1. Check out current rebate options and decide what equipment you want to purchase

  2. Purchase the equipment and apply for any Efficiency Maine or other rebates (make sure to save all receipts!)

  3. Fill out the Electrify Everything! Application online or in person at 829 Sawyer Street (formerly 496 Ocean St).

  4. Fill out a W-9 online or in person at 829 Sawyer Street (formerly 496 Ocean St).

  5. Bring the Electrify Everything! Application, W-9, proof of Efficiency Maine rebates, receipts for non-Efficiency Maine rebates, photo ID, and proof of residency (can be photo ID) to 829 Sawyer Street (formerly 496 Ocean St). You can also pick up and fill out these forms in person.  

After applying for the rebate, you will hear back from the City within 2 weeks about the status of your rebate.

Questions? Reach out to Julie Rosenbach, South Portland’s Sustainability Director, at 207-347-4148 or 


 Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my rebate?

It should take 2-3 weeks to receive your rebate. You will hear back from City staff within 2 weeks if there are issues with your application.


Can different people from the same household apply for Electrify Everything! rebates?

Yes, more than one person from a single household can apply for rebates; however, the $2,000 per household maximum still applies.


Is there a maximum number of times a household can apply for rebates?

There is no maximum on the number of times a household can apply for rebates or the maximum number of rebates per household. There is only a maximum on the sum total of the rebates, which is capped at $2,000 per household.


If I don’t have enough rebate money left to receive a full rebate, can I get a partial rebate?

Yes. If you have already applied for other rebates and want to use up the rest of your $2,000 maximum rebate total per household, you can use the remaining amount to apply for a partial rebate. Fill out the amount you are requesting under the partial rebate column in your application.


Why do I have to fill out a W-9?

In order to send you your rebate, the City needs to file you as a “contractor” of the City. This information will only be used to send you your rebate.


After applying, how will I know if I have been approved for the Electrify Everything! rebate(s)?

You will receive a check from the City. If there is a problem with your application, you will receive an email or phone call from City staff.


What if I purchased my equipment before the launch of  Electrify Everything! (September 1, 2022)? Can I still apply for an Electrify Everything! rebate for this equipment?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Only qualifying equipment purchased on or after September 1, 2022 is eligible for Electrify Everything! rebates. This is verified when you provide receipts with your application.