Board of Assessment Review

Board of Assessment Review

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NameTitleTerm Exp
Joshua Velez
At-Large (Henderson) December 31, 2022
Vacant At-Large (Bruzgo) December 31, 2022
Nancy Field District One (Morgan) December 31, 2023
Susan Bagley District Two (Lewis) March 16, 2022
Paul Cloutier, Chair District Three (Pride) March 16, 2024
Andrew Snyder District Four (Caricchio) March 16, 2023
Brad Fox District Five (Dhalac) December 31, 2023

 Board of Assessment Review - Rules of Procedure

Reference – City Charter

The Board of Assessment Review meets when an assessment is disputed.

Seven members are appointed by Council for a three year term.  There is a three year residency requirement for this board.


[Sec.] 703.  Board of assessment review; appointment; vacancies.  

                There shall be a board of assessment review to consist of 7 members not otherwise connected with city government, one member from each voting district of the city and two at large, who shall be appointed by the city council for a term of 3 years.

Compensation, if any, to such members shall be determined by the city council. Vacancies in the membership of each board shall be filled by appointment by the city council for the unexpired term.

[Sec.] 704.  Board of assessment review, qualifications.

                All members of such board shall be selected upon the basis of their knowledge of the subject of taxation and property values and shall at the time of their appointment have been residents of the city for at least 3 years immediately preceding and shall continue as residents during their terms of office. If a member of such board shall cease to be a resident his office shall thereby become vacant.

[Sec.] 705.  Board of assessment review; powers and duties.

                The board of assessment review shall have conferred upon it such powers of review and abatement as are conferred upon boards of assessors by statute.

                Such board shall annually choose from its membership a chairman and secretary, except that in lieu of one of the members of such board serving as secretary, the council may authorize such board to appoint either a full-time or part-time non-member secretary and to fix his compensation. Such board shall have power within the limits of its budget appropriation to employ such other necessary clerical assistance and to

employ or contract for such technical assistance as may be necessary from time to time in the performance of its duties. The board shall be required to keep an accurate record of all its proceedings, which shall be available for public inspection.

[Sec.] 706.  Hearings and appeals.

                All hearings and appeals therefrom shall be in such manner as prescribed by statute. In addition to the certification of abatement to the director of finance, the board, through its secretary, shall notify the city assessor of such determination, who shall make such correction upon the assessment roll and duplicate. The board shall establish such rules and procedures for the conducting of such hearings as are not inconsistent with the laws governing this section.