South Portland Housing Authority

The South Portland Housing Authority was established in 1943 to provide defense housing for the numerous families that were moving into the area in the defense war effort industry in South Portland. While the City appoints members to the Board, the City has no jurisdiction over the Housing Authority.

The Housing Authority meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at 100 Waterman Drive.  Agendas and minutes are posted on the SPHA's website here. 

Five members are appointed by Council on a rotating basis for a five year term. There are two resident representatives serving on the Commission. These two positions are recommended by the Housing Authority and appointed by the City Council.

South Portland Housing Authority
100 Waterman Drive
South Portland, Maine 04106
(207) 773-4140
FAX (207) 773-4006

NameTitleTerm Exp
Kathryn Lovejoy Tenants Appointment October 10, 2023
Kevin Powell
Tenants Appointment October 10, 2023
Christine Dearborn   March 25, 2023
Judy Carpenter
  March 25, 2024
Frank Morong   March 25, 2025
Mary Jo Jakab   March 25, 2026
Peter Howe   March 25, 2022