On January 26, 2021, Council held a workshop at the request of Councilor Caricchio to discuss forming a One Climate Future (OCF) Committee. At the conclusion of the workshop, Councilors directed staff to work with Councilor Caricchio to select members for a steering committee that would assist in drafting ordinance language to create a OCF Committee. On March 9, 2021, Council passed ORDER #171-20/21 creating the One Climate Future Steering Committee.

Sustainability Director Julie Rosenbach and Councilor Caricchio met twice and agreed on the following members to serve on the Steering Committee:

  • April Caricchio, City Councilor
  • Julie Rosenbach, Sustainability Director
  • Lucy Perkins, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Scott Morelli, City Manager
  • Tim Honey, Resident
  • Baba Ly, Resident
  • Christopher Kessler, Resident
  • Winston Lumpkins IV, Resident
  • Dawn Eve York, Resident


Agendas & Minutes


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OCF Agenda 9-7-21.pdf 8/4/2021 120.92 KB
OCF Agenda 8-3-21.pdf 7/28/2021 120.35 KB
OCF Agenda 7-27-21.pdf 7/21/2021 120.28 KB
OCF Agenda 7-20-21.pdf 7/12/2021 145.78 KB
OCF committee agenda 7-6-21.pdf 7/2/2021 120.00 KB
OCF Agenda 6-22-21.pdf 6/21/2021 120.79 KB
OCF Agenda 6-15-21.pdf 6/7/2021 149.59 KB
OCF Minutes 5-18-21.pdf 5/20/2021 101.11 KB
OCF Minutes 5-4-21.pdf 5/20/2021 130.71 KB
OCF Minutes 4-20-21.pdf 5/20/2021 101.80 KB
OCF Agenda 5-18-21.pdf 5/5/2021 120.33 KB
OCF Agenda 5-4-21.pdf 4/28/2021 121.33 KB
OCF Agenda 4-20-21.pdf 4/7/2021 147.57 KB
OCF committee agenda 4-6-21.pdf 3/18/2021 148.20 KB
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One Climate Future - Resources

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One Climate Future O+E Plan 5.17_Both Cities.pdf 6/21/2021 432.91 KB
OCF Steering Committee Presentation.pdf 5/20/2021 5,345.17 KB
Spectrum of Community Engagement Ownership.pdf 5/20/2021 1,754.35 KB
THCommunity Engagement Analysis.pdf 4/7/2021 59.31 KB
CPIC Presentation 2-18-21.pdf 4/7/2021 1,885.52 KB