Budget and Financial Reports for the City of South Portland


The Annual Reports are a fiscal year snapshot of financial transactions, statement of assets and liabilities, departmental accomplishment, improvements, awards and other matters of historical significance. 

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is the audited financial statements of the City.  The statement is compiled from a review by a certified accounting firm utilizing Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) requirements. 

The Municipal Budgets are the approved budgets from the last three fiscal years for both the City and the School Department. 

The Capital Improvement Budget is a seven year plan of expenditures for projects and equipment that have a greater than fiscal year life span.

Bond Ratings

Moody's assigns Aaa to the City of South Portland, ME's GOs; stable outlook

S&P Global Ratings assigned its 'AAA' rating to South Portland

SOURCE: Moody’s Investors Service - Aaa ratings are assigned for issues judged to be of the best quality, carry the smallest degree of investment risk and are generally referred to as “gilt edged”.  Interest payments are protected by a large or by an exceptionally stable margin and principal is secure.  While the various protective elements are likely to change, such changes as can be visualized are most unlikely to impair the fundamentally strong position of such issues.