Agenda for the City Council Meeting

February 19, 2014

Meeting Begins: 7:00 P.M.

Location: City Hall Council Chambers

Documents are Adobe PDF files. Agenda

A.       Acceptance of Minutes

B.      Communications from City Manager

C.      Petitions and Communications

Department and Committee Reports

Board of Appeals Attendance Report for 2013
Energy & Recycling Minutes 01-15-14
Annual Report to Council on Chicken and Bee Permits
Fire Department Report

D.      Appointment Calendar

1.   ORDER #70-12/13 – Conservation Commission, District Two (Smith), appointing William Fritzmeier for a term which expires on 11/20/14. Postponed since 12/17/12. Passage requires majority vote.

2.   ORDER #88-12/13 – Community Development Advisory Committee, District Three (Linscott), appointing Richard Rottkov for a term which expires on 01/15/16. Postponed since 01/23/13.  Passage requires majority vote.

3.   ORDER #124-12/13 – Board of Assessment Review, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 03/16/16. Postponed since 04/01/13. Passage requires majority vote.

E.       Consent Calendar

F.       Citizen Discussion (First Part)

G.      Public Hearings and Action

4.   ORDINANCE #5-13/14 – Amending Chapter 15, “Motor Vehicles and Traffic,” regarding wreckers and vehicle towing.  Passed first reading 02/03/2014. ROLL CALL VOTE.  Passage requires majority vote.

H.      Action on Old and New Business

5.   ORDINANCE #6-13/14 - Amending Chapter 6, “Elections” regarding redistricting for voting purposes.  First reading.  Passage requires majority vote.

6.   ORDINANCE #7-13/14 – Amending Chapter 27, “Zoning,” regarding a zone text and zone map change from Residential District A to Conditional Residential Use District G-4 at 317 Pine Street.  First reading. Passage requires majority vote.  Corrected copy posted 02/19/14 3:21 PM

7.   ORDER #103-13/14 –Public hearing and action regarding the proposed condemnation of a portion of the Spring Street and Boylston Street paper streets shown on the 1898 plan entitled “Plan of Grand-View” in Thornton Heights.  Passage requires majority vote.

8.   ORDER #104-13/14 – Accepting Boysenberry Drive and a portion of Elderberry Drive in the Highland Meadows Phase VI subdivision and a portion of Elderberry Drive in the Elderberry Circle subdivision as City streets.  Passage requires majority vote.  Deed into City for Elderberry Circle

9.   ORDER #105-13/14 - Award of Bid #21-14 to W. C. Cressey & Son, Inc., of Kennebunk, ME,  for a Type A School Bus for the South Portland School Department.  Passage requires majority vote.

10.   ORDER #106-13/14 - Accepting $1,820.00, or any portion thereof, under the State of Maine Asset Forfeiture Program to be used by the Police Department.  Passage requires majority vote.

11.   RESOLVE #3-13/14 - Pursuant to Section 612 of the City Charter determining details of issue of $41,500,000 principal amount of bonds authorized by bond ordinance finally passed and enacted September 8, 2010.  Passage requires majority vote.

12.   ORDINANCE #8-13/14 – Authorizing refunding bonds in an amount not to exceed $1,890,000. First reading.  Passage requires majority vote.

I.        Citizen Discussion (Second Part)

J.       Councilor’s Round Robin

K.      Executive Session

Note: Items may be added to or deleted from the tentative agenda.  Copies of amended agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Amendments, if any, appear on attachments to the tentative agenda.

In the event the Council determines that it may not reach all agenda items by 11:00 P.M., it may postpone some items to a subsequent meeting.  Postponement is not required, and the Council may take up agenda items after 11:00 P.M.  Any items postponed to the next meeting will normally be scheduled ahead of subsequently scheduled agenda items.