Agenda for the City Council Meeting
June 16, 2014
Meeting Begins: 7:00 P.M.
Location: City Hall Council Chambers

Documents are Adobe PDF files. Agenda

A.       Acceptance of Minutes

B.      Communications from City Manager

C.      Petitions and Communications

Department and Committee reports

Civil Service Minutes 05-20-14
Conservation Commission Minutes 06-02-14
South Portland Housing Authority Minutes 01-22-14
Fire Department - April & May
General Assistance - March, April & May

D.      Appointment Calendar

1.   ORDER #124-12/13 – Board of Assessment Review, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 03/16/16. Postponed since 04/01/13. Passage requires majority vote.

2.   ORDER #139-13/14 – Energy & Recycling Committee – Associate, At Large (Beecher), appointing Clyde Barr to fill a term which expires on 05/05/17.  Postponed since 05/05/14. Passage requires majority vote.

3.   ORDER #154-13/14 – Civil Service Commission, District Two (Smith), to fill an unexpired term which expires on 03/01/15. Postponed on 06/02/14. Passage requires majority vote.

4.   ORDER #156-13/14 – Planning Board, District One (Pock), appointing Linda Boudreau to fill an unexpired term which expires on 04/01/16.  Postponed on 06/02/14. Passage requires majority vote.

E.       Consent Calendar

5.   STREET CLOSURE - The Willardfest Committee is requesting the closure of Preble Street at Willow Street, Pillsbury Street up to 444 Preble Street for Willardfest on July 12, 2014, with a rain date of July 13, 2014.  Passage requires majority vote.

F.       Citizen Discussion (First Part)

G.      Public Hearings and Action

6.   ORDINANCE #13-13/14 -   Further Action on Ordinance #13-13/14, amending Chapter 27, "Zoning," creating the Thornton Heights Commercial (THC) District after reconsideration vote on June 2, 2014.  ROLL CALL VOTE.  Passage of ordinance requires five (5) affirmative votes.

7.   ORDINANCE #17-13/14 – Amending Chapter 27, “Zoning,” regarding district representation for Board of Appeals members.  Passed first reading 05/05/2014. ROLL CALL VOTE. Passage requires five affirmative votes.

8.   ORDER #162-13/14 Public hearing on proposed amendments to Sections 424, 703 and 1001-1004 of the City Charter and action to submit the amendments to the voters on the November 4, 2014 ballot.  Passage requires majority vote.

9.   Business License - David’s 388, Terra Cotta Pasta Co., South Portland House of Pizza and Elsmere BBQ & Woodgrill are seeking a waiver to allow them to operate an FE/Temporary License at 12 Pillsbury Street that is within 500’ of other licensed food establishments.  Passage requires majority vote.

9A.   Business License - Cia’s Café Ocean Street, for a Use of Public sidewalk for outdoor seating license. Passage requires majority vote.

10.   ORDER #163-13/14 – Public hearing and action on a public nuisance complaint regarding 35 Mildred Street.  Passage requires majority vote.

H.      Action on Old and New Business

11.   ORDER #164-13/14 – Award of sole source bid to Hussey Seating, of North Berwick, ME, for the conversion of bleachers in the South Portland Community Center gym.  Passage requires majority vote.

12.   ORDER #165-13/14 – Authorizing the City’s participation in submitting an application for a 2014 COPS Hiring Grant to be used by the Police Department.  Passage requires majority vote.

13.   ORDER #166-13/14 -  Authorizing the method of sale of the former Armory property located at 682 Broadway (Tax Map 19, Lot 158) as listing of the property for sale by the City as owner pursuant to Sec. 2-171(2)(b) of the Code of Ordinances and authorizing the City Manager to take any and all such further action necessary to proceed with such listing and sale of the property.  Passage requires majority vote.

14.   ORDINANCE #18- 13/14 – Amending Chapter 2, “Administration and Legislation”, Article III, Division 9, regarding an Arts and Historic Preservation Committee.  First reading. Passage requires majority vote.

15.   RESOLVE #25-13/14 – Approving the FY 2015 Appropriation Resolve.  Passage requires majority vote. 

16.   ORDER #167-13/14 – Setting the sewer user fees for Fiscal Year 2015. Passage requires majority vote.

17.   ORDER #168-13/14 - Award of Bid #33-14 be and hereby is made to Windstream of Portland, ME for the purchase of an Email Archiving and eDiscovery solution system. Passage requires majority vote.

18.   ORDER #169-13/14 - that award of Bid #29-14 be and hereby is made to Winslow Technology Group, of Waltham, MA, for the purchase of  VMware Host Server Hardware. Passage requires majority vote.

19.   RESOLVE #26-13/14 - Regarding the PACTS Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for FY’s 2016/2017/2018.   Passage requires majority vote.

20.   ORDER #170-13/14 – Authorizing a 2% percent cost of living adjustment for non-union municipal employees.  Passage requires majority vote.

21.   ORDER #171-13/14 - Authorizing the Finance Director to accept prepayment of FY 2015 property taxes. Passage requires majority vote.

22.   ORDER #172-13/14 - Authorizing the Finance Director to release city interest in any real estate in the City of South Portland by quitclaim deed. Passage requires majority vote.

23.   ORDER #173 -14/15 – Setting the street opening fees for Fiscal Year 2015.  Passage requires majority vote.

I.        Citizen Discussion (Second Part)

J.       Councilor’s Round Robin

K.      Executive Session

Note: Items may be added to or deleted from the tentative agenda.  Copies of amended agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Amendments, if any, appear on attachments to the tentative agenda.

In the event the Council determines that it may not reach all agenda items by 11:00 P.M., it may postpone some items to a subsequent meeting.  Postponement is not required, and the Council may take up agenda items after 11:00 P.M.  Any items postponed to the next meeting will normally be scheduled ahead of subsequently scheduled agenda items.