City of South Portland
Special Council Meeting


Name of Body:  City Council
Tentative Agenda for the Special Meeting of: July 9, 2014
Meeting Begins: 7:00 P.M.
Location: South Portland Community Center Gymnasium – 21 Nelson Road


H.      Action on Old and New Business


1.   ORDINANCE #1-14/15 - Amending Chapter 27, “Zoning,” to implement Part 1 of the recommendations of the Draft Ordinance Committee dated July 1, 2014.  First reading.  Passage requires majority vote.


2.   ORDINANCE #2-14/15 - Amending Chapter 27, “Zoning,” to repeal the moratorium on development proposals involving the loading of oil sands/tar sands products onto marine tank vessels.  First reading.  Passage requires majority vote.

Note: Items may be added to or deleted from the tentative agenda.  Copies of amended agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Amendments, if any, appear on attachments to the tentative agenda.


In the event the Council determines that it may not reach all agenda items by 11:00 P.M., it may postpone some items to a subsequent meeting.  Postponement is not required, and the Council may take up agenda items after 11:00 P.M.  Any items postponed to the next meeting will normally be scheduled ahead of subsequently scheduled agenda items.