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Schedule of License, Permit, Inspection and Application Fees (Master Fee Schedule)
Amended January 9, 2024

Table of Contents


The Council-Manager Charter of South Portland - municipal charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government. It is comparable to the Constitution of the United States or a State's constitution.  The Charter cannot be amended unless the amendments are approved by the voters of the municipality.

Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances contains the City's local laws, known as ordinances.  Ordinances are enacted by the City Council and through citizen initiatives and referendums.   There are currently 33 Chapters of the City's Code of Ordinances which may be found below.  The Code of Ordinances reflect amendments passed and gone into effect through February 27, 2024.

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration and Legislation
Chapter 3. Animals and Fowl
Chapter 4. Bicycles
Chapter 5. Buildings
Chapter 6. Elections
Chapter 7. Electricity
Chapter 8. Fire Protection And Prevention
Chapter 9. Garbage and Refuse
Chapter 10. Health, Welfare and Sanitation Generally
Chapter 11. House-Car Trailers and Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 12. Housing
Chapter 13. Libraries
Chapter 14. Licenses, Permits and Business Regulations Generally
Chapter 15. Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16. Nuisances in General
Chapter 17. Offenses - Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 18. Parks and Recreation
Chapter 19. Personnel Rules and Regulations
Chapter 20. Plumbing
Chapter 21. Police
Chapter 22. Sewers and Drains
Chapter 23. Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 24. Subdivisions
Chapter 25. Swimming Pools and Wading Pools
Chapter 26. Weapons and Explosives
Chapter 27. Zoning
Chapter 28. Development Districts
Chapter 29. Sewer Pretreatment and Permits
Chapter 30. Control of Noise from New Development
Chapter 31. Use of Marijuana by Persons Over 21
Chapter 32. Landcare Management
Chapter 33: Response to COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Ordinance (Expires October 15, 2022)