A demolition permit is required to demolish a structure or a portion of a structure.  

Demolition projects require:

  • A simple plot plan that you can draw yourself showing existing conditions and indicating the structure that will be demolished. The plan should be understandable and reasonably to scale.
  • A completed Demolition Permit Application, which includes:
    • Property address of structure to be demolished
    • Description of structure to be demolished
    • Contact information for the property owner, demolition contractor, and project contact. 
    • Estimated start and completion dates
    • Destination of debris and method of transportation
    • Sign-offs from agencies as noted on the application
  • New fee rates for Demolition Permits came into effect as of 1/27/2014. Formerly based at the rate of $15 per $1000 assessed valuation of the structure to be demolished, Demolition Permit fees are now only $25 for accessory structures such as sheds or detached garages, and $50 for principle structures such as for homes or commercial buildings.
  • Demolition permit fee paid at time of application.
  • If you are replacing a home damaged in the past two years by fire with a new home, you will need a boundary line survey showing the existing location of the building prior to demolition if you wish to preserve the grandfathering for the footprint location.