Home Occupation

A permit for a home occupation is required to operate a business out of your home. Home occupations are permitted in any of the residential districts. See Sec 27-201 – Definitions – Home Occupation to see whether a proposed home-operated business will meet the guidelines of a home occupation.

The home occupation permit will require:

  • A completed Home Occupation Application.
  • A simple plot plan showing the building on the lot, drawn to reasonable scale, and indicating the area where the business will be conducted and area where parking will be provided.
  • Home occupation permit fee paid at time of application for $50. This is a one-time fee that does not require annual renewal.

Please note that if the home needs renovation to accommodate the business, that work will require a separate building permit. Also note that when a business owner changes their home and home occupation location to another South Portland residence, a new Home Occupation permit is required.