Swimming Pools

A Swimming Pool Permit is required for installing a swimming pool or wading pool.  Minimum setbacks for a pool are fifty feet (50’) from the front property line and ten feet (10’) from side and rear property lines. If the lot is a corner lot, with two front property lines, the shorter of the two lines shall be deemed the front property line and the other line will be considered the side property line, for the purpose of determining swimming pool setbacks only. Fencing is required. Electrical connections for pool equipment may require the work of a master electrician, who would need to pull a separate wiring permit.


The following materials will be required with the application:

  • Class A Survey or at minimal a Class D Survey (Mortgage Loan Inspection Plan) showing the boundaries of the property and accurate location of the proposed swimming pool. (Sec. 25-4. & Sec. 25-8.)
  • Plot plan showing the height and type of existing fencing or walls on the boundary lines of the property. (Sec. 25-10.)  Note: Minimum (4) feet in height, maximum (6) feet in height fence. Shall be equipped with self-closing and self latching devices.
  • Drainage plan meeting the submission and design standards of Sec. 27-1536(3) of Chapter 27 of the Code of Ordinances.