Heating Installations

A heat/hvac permit is required for installing new, upgraded, or replacement heating systems, including those fueled by oil, kerosene, propane, natural gas, wood, wood pellets or other fuel. This includes furnaces and boilers, stoves using wood, gas, pellets or other fuel, fireplaces, and HVAC systems and roof-top or ground units. A property owner can apply for wood and pellet heating systems, but other fuels required appropriate State of Maine Master Licenses for the type of installation, for which only the licensed contractor may take out the permit.

Proposals for new, upgraded or replacement heating systems require:

  • A completed Heat/HVAC Application with full contact information for the property owner and contractor. 
  • The estimated cost of the project including labor and materials. 
  • The fee for single family home heating installations is $30 flat fee.
  • For commercial buildings or multi-family buildings, the heat/hvac permit fee will be based on the estimated cost of the project, including cost of equipment and installation, at a rate of $15 per $1000 estimated cost or part thereof. The minimum fee for heat/hvac permits is $30.
  • Permit fee paid at time of application.