Cemetery Information

The City of South Portland contains 11 cemeteries within its city limits:

  • Bay View Cemetery, 781 Sawyer Street & 130 Parrott Street
  • Brown's Hill Cemetery, 179 Ridgeland Ave (Church Street & Broadway)
  • Calvary Cemetery, 1461 Broadway (owned by Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland)
  • Forest City Cemetery, 232 Lincoln Street (owned by the City of Portland)
  • Highland Memorial Cemetery, 881 Highland Avenue
  • Long Creek Cemetery, 389 Westbrook Street
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 258 Cottage Road
  • Skillin Family Cemetery, 202 Running Hill Road
  • Smith Street (Jewish) Cemetery, 20 Smith Street (owned by SMJCA)
  • Thrasher Family (Old Settlers) Cemetery, 100 Campus Center Drive
  • Wescott Cemetery, 45 Marcelle Avenue


For contact information for each cemetery (maintenance and available plots), click here.

Each Memorial Day, the South Portland War Veterans Memorial Association (comprised of the VFW and American Legion Post) place American Flags at the graves of over 600 veterans buried in the City.

Historical information about each cemetery may be found here, made possible by the South Portland Historical Society

Known burial records and cemetery maps are listed below.

Are you looking for a project?  The City is interested in burial listings and maps of cemeteries not listed below, including maps or listings indicating veterans graves at Brown's Hill, Bayview and Smith Street.  This may be an ideal project for an Eagle Scout or citizen interested in a research and community service project.   Contact the City Clerk for more info.

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